Category: Effects of Drugs & Toxins

This is to do with the effects of drugs and toxins on the body and its affects on one’s spirit, mind and personality.

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The TRUTH About Drugs DVD

The Truth About Drugs – A Documentary Did you know what drug… Is sometimes mixed with glass to heighten the sensation by taking it? Creates

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The Dangers of Painkillers

Here is a further article from the book Clear Body Clear Mind from Scientology Canberra. PAINKILLERS By L. Ron Hubbard Doctors and others prescribe painkillers

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Drugs and the Affects on the Mind

From the Answers To Drugs booklet Based on the writing of L. Ron Hubbard Drugs essentially are poisons. The degree they are taken determines the

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How Pollutants and Drugs Affect Us All

As vicious and damaging as street drugs have proven to be, medical and psychiatric drugs form an equally destructive vector in this biochemical trend. Statistics