Think Clearly in a Drugged Society

Research has demonstrated that the single most destructive element present in our current culture is drugs.

The use of street drugs—LSD, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and others—has proliferated at all levels of society. College students atrophy their brains on marijuana; schoolchildren are shoved daily into pill popping by both peer and pharmaceutical pressures; and the seemingly everyday Smith down the street and Jones at the job harbor a habit they neither suspect nor deal with.

Widespread consumption of illegal drugs—many of which were originally prescription remedies—has created a $500-billion-a-year industry. By some estimates, marijuana is now the biggest cash crop in America. Cocaine and its derivatives, highly fashionable in the 1970s, are now widely abused, due in large part to claims by psychiatrists as recently as 1980 that cocaine usage was not addictive. They could not have been more deceptive.

In researching the barriers to spiritual gain caused by drugs, L. Ron Hubbard uncovered the existence of a drug personality, an artificial personality created by drugs.

Scientologists strive to be 100% drug-free and are very concerned about the devastation caused by drug use in their communities.

Even toxins in foods and medicines can be handled by this program. This program is not a medical program, but you can get returned much of your former younger zest and happier pursuits in life by eradicating the affects of drugs and toxins.

Have you memories of when you had more activity, more passion, more ambition?

The reason for this remarkable statistic is that Scientology churches and missions have a very effective program that handles the effects of past drug use. A key component of this program is the Scientology Purification Program.

This boo, Clear Body Clear Mind explains more. So does this Scientology site here.

Regain your earlier self.